Tokyo Street Style

Our purpose : bringing the latest japanese trends overseas

Based in the center of Harajuku, where numerous new trends take shape everyday, our editorial team is able to provide unprecedented and fresh informations directly from the fashion field !

From the catwalks to Tokyo’s streets, from Japanese creators to European consumers and readers, our web magazine gives access and promote the latest Nippon trends and products to a large international audience.

Dedicated to all the fashionable apsects of Japan (fashion, beauty, arts…), Tokyo Street Style is a complete and reliable reference for all the Japanese lifestyle lovers. With original contributions added on daily bases and exclusive contents published on its Facebook page, TSS keeps its audience posted !

Our tools : international fashion specialists and a wide partners network

Our international team, mastering Japanese, English and French, is made of fashion insiders only: journalists, well-known bloggers, photographs and models, all benefiting both from precious knowledge and professional connections.

Created and edited by BMEDIA (Mathieu BUGLET), a multi-skilled marketing mix agency, Tokyo Street Style takes naturally advantage of all its intern services (mainly photo, graphic and web design, but also international trade, marketing and communications, motions graphics, etc.) and commercial partners : international brands, media groups, broadcasting networks…

Our force : an unique and strong editorial stance

Intended for women and men aswell, Tokyo Steet Style wants to provide far more than the reducing kawaii picture depicted by so many occidental media. By being as sharp as possible and by promoting young or emerging japanese creators and brands, we’re still one step ahead !

Gathering news, reports, reviews, look books, guides, interviews, tutorials, street snaps, funny facts and so on, Tokyo Street Style also offers a real editorial stance to readers.

Designed as a proper lifestyle magazine transposed and optimised for the web, with an original editorial line, various and regular sections and relevant insights, our online magazine is like no other.

« Tokyo Steet Style wants to provide far more than the reducing kawaii picture »

Our project: promoting japanese fashionable high quality products

As ambassadors of the always ongoing Japanese creativity overseas, we are endlessly looking for new and exciting partnerships. Wether you are simply willing to get more publicity or thinking to export your production abroad, let us know!

Some made in Japan products are difficult to find or being bought overseas. In order to respond to our readers expectations, we are also planning to set a Tokyo Street Style webshop soon.

Naturaly, our high quality selection of Japanese products and brands will benefit from reviews on our website (and/or in our multicultural blogs section) and from highlights within our street snap sessions.

« Tokyo Street Style also offers a real editorial stance to readers. (…) our online magazine is like no other »

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Mathieu BUGLET
Mathieu BUGLET

Mathieu Buglet Entrepreneur, business developer, crypto trader, photographer based in Japan. Find more about me & my projects on my website or social networks.

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